Natalie & Jason have extensive experience working with non-profit organizations to help raise the most funds at your next fund raising event. 

Does Hiring a Professional Fundraising Auctioneer Really Make Sense?

Hiring a professional fundraising auctioneer is never a cost; it's an investment that will pay incredible returns. Leaving the job to a non-benefit or volunteer auctioneer, however, could end up being your auction's greatest expense.

Not all nonprofits realize how critical it is to hire an auctioneer trained to handle the unique needs of a charity auction. In the past, auctioneers with a specialty in the for-profit sector would donate their time to chant during the live auction portion of a charity event.

At live auctions, who is the most important person in the room?

We believe it's your auctioneer. He or she is the "quarterback" of the night, guiding the program, providing entertainment and assisting with reaching monetary goals.  As a result, choosing to hire a professional fundraising auctioneer for your fundraising auction is one of the most important decisions you'll make in the planning process.

Now as more nonprofits turn to event fundraising, auctions need a host with the ability to motivate the audience to donate beyond the live auction.

Here's what we mean.

Auctioneers think differently when they approach the event.  They assess the crowd, and determine: How much money is in the room, and how can I extract the greatest amount possible?

Benefit auctioneers employ a diverse "toolkit" of skills and techniques that simply aren't used in other kinds of auctions.

One of the most profitable opportunities unique to benefit auctioneers is their ability to deftly propose a Fund-a-Need (donation toward a specific program or expense of the nonprofit), Fund-an-Item (underwriting a big-ticket item purchased on consignment, like travel packages) or general cash appeal.

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Natalie & Jason conduct 20+ fund raising auctions annually, below is a list of charitable organizations they have held auctions for previously:

  • Clarence Brown Theater
  • Provision Cares
  • March of Dimes
  • Girls, Inc.
  • St. Mary's Oak Ridge
  • Heritage Center Happening Gala & Auction Great Smoky Mountains
  • SARG
  • Anderson County Chamber of Commerce
  • Farragut Chamber of Commerce
  • Farragut Rotary Club
  • St. Judes
  • New Hope Blount County Children's Advocacy
  • Contact Care- Busting the Blues
  • Knoxville Harley Davidson
  • Natural Stone Institute
  • Quilts of Valor
  • Rocky Hill Elementary
  • Friends of the Smokies
  • Briceville Elementary
  • Oak Ridge Unitarian Universalist Church
  • Plus many many  more