How to grow your business in uncertain times…. Coronavirus

How to grow your business in uncertain times…. Coronavirus

Clinton- TN, How is your Company staying relative during uncertain times is a question many business owners have been forced to answer in the past 5-7 days in the United States.

I am not going to pretend to be an expert in the medical industry or specifically an expert on the Coronavirus.

What I can speak of is ensuring your business is relative in the online social environment.

Consistently people are spending more time on a mobile device searching for products and services, and more importantly, spend about half of the time on their mobile device using or interacting on a social app.  If your company is not using social media to its fullest, I highly recommend you bring in a marketing team to develop a plan over the next 3,6,9 & 12 months.

To remain relevant, you must compete for the attention of consumers; over the next few weeks, we business owners will be competing with the fear of the spread of the virus and social separation.  Do not confuse that with being closer to your online social media content.

Click here to watch this video and Jason speaks to his staff about JD’s Realty & Auction’s business model.

Jason Deel

Owner JD’s Realty & Auction

Jason his wife Natalie own and operate JD’s Realty & Auction located in Clinton, Tennessee.

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