Sell your estate for the most money possible at auction

Clinton, TN-  Real Estate Property assessment and ensuring you select the method to make the most money when selling an estate.

Jason Deel from JD’s Realty & Auction conducted an assessment with a family that has a home full of antiques and needs to sell the home for the most money possible.  On this visit, Jason discovered the prospective client has already spoken to a realtor, and the realtor asked Jason to visit the property to see if JD’s Realty & Auction could assist with selling this property.  When Jason arrived, he quickly noticed the home was packed with furniture, antiques, collectibles and so much more.  This property has several unique features, including a separate 1.12-acre lot that connects to the local high school.

Auction assessment make the most money with an estate auction

After an evaluation, Jason & his team will create several options to ensure the owner has an abundant amount of information to make the best decision to sell both the real estate as well as the personal property for the best possible price in today’s market.

Click here to watch the first video covering Jason’s initial assessment of the home.

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