The Dewey Craig Real Estate Auction of Clinton, TN

Clinton, TN-  June 29th 10:30am  Stephenson Realty & Auction brings to public auction the Dewey Craig estate.  This estate is situated right off of Charles Seviers Blvd.   There is 7.79 acres in total broken up into 4 tracts.

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#1 House and 2.39 Acres

#2 2.01 Acres vacant property


#3 2.05 Acres vacant property

#4 1.34 Acres vacant property

These lots will be sold individually initially then offered back as a combination or as a whole.  Live bidding available on-site only at the home.

Absentee bidding is open online until 9:00am on June 29th.  If you are bidding online it will be your best and final offer.  The bid will be entered at what ever price you enter as your offer.


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